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About Katharine Locke
J Katharine Locke BA BSc MNIMH

Katharine Locke intensively studied the human body, pathology, natural medicine, plant sciences and herbal therapy at University and graduated with a BSc in Phytotherapy (Medical Herbalism) in 2006. She is an experienced herbal practitioner who has helped many people to better health.  She is also a professional Emergency Care Assistant working at FREC 4 level.

Katharine has a calming and reassuring professional manner, and is a longstanding member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.  She was for several years a Certified GAPS Practitioner, trained by Dr Campbell-McBride in 2014 (see the official Gut & Psychology Syndrome website at www.gaps.me).  She now uses an integrated approach.  She has a special interest in treating people with digestive disorders, in the gut-brain link in autism and neurodegenerataive conditions, and in long Covid.

While using herbal therapy to address both symptoms and their underlying causes, Katharine is also a believer in supporting the body’s innate self-healing tendency with individualised diet and lifestyle modifications.  These can be powerful tools for individual patients to learn effective ways to manage their own health conditions, build good health into the future, and prevent backsliding.

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