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How the Remedies Work

Herbal medicine was the world’s foremost medicine for many centuries. There are many regional forms including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Herbal Medicine Tincture
Herbal medicines are made entirely from plants and formulated in liquid or solid forms.

Western Herbal Medicine is a remarkably safe form of medicine because it works along the grain of your physical and mental being, with Nature and not against it.

Herbal preparations are made entirely from plants and formulated in liquid or solid forms, using the main active constituents in each plant and the secondary constituents.

Liquid forms include tinctures, fluid extracts, teas and syrups. Solid forms include capsules, suppositories, pessaries, ointments and creams.  Herbal remedies are made up individually for each patient.

The patient comes for an initial consultation, including a thorough case history, any relevant physical examinations and a discussion of the way forward.  A typical remedy might include a tincture or tea to take internally and if necessary an external preparation such as a cream.

Most remedies will include a number of different herbs chosen for that patient.  Each herb will include a number of different actions so each herb will contribute different effects to the overall preparation. Herbal remedies cause very few side effects, they are not habit-forming and can be stopped suddenly without causing problems.

Katharine takes into account all orthodox medicines and over-the-counter supplements that you may be taking and gives preparations which will not cause any herb-drug interactions.

Herbal medicine natural flowers
Herbal medicine was the world’s foremost medicine for many centuries


Herbal remedies can be very effective for acute conditions. For chronic conditions you will certainly need a course of treatment. Typically, the medicine will be adjusted and fine-tuned as the patient’s condition responds.

If you have had a condition for several years you will probably need to allow some months for the condition to improve.

With the Herbal Human you will be given advice about your diet and lifestyle. Making changes to these can be remarkably effective in helping to improve your health. It also provides you with the the means to manage your health for the future.

It is always better to prevent health problems from becoming overwhelming. In return you can reasonably expect to experience increased energy, peace of mind and, ultimately, better health and happiness!



A complimentary (no-fee) introductory consultation of 1/2 hour is offered and you will be given advice on ways you can help yourself.  There is also the opportunity to discuss a possible 3 or 6 month programme, depending on the nature and extent of your health problems.

Contact us today to book an introductory consultation with no obligation to have a programme.



Q: What kind of side effects can one experience with herbal preparations?
A: Side effects are not at all common and depend on the herbs involved. For instance, a few herbs cause you to pee more and a few herbs may affect your bowel movements..

Q: How long does it take for the herbs to take effect?
A: It depends on the condition and how long you have had it.  It usually takes between 1 and 3 months to see an improvement.  Progress is invariably quicker when a person makes the suggested lifestyle and dietary adjustments too. In some cases the  herbal remedy is needed less and less and the person manages their condition with diet and lifestyle.  In others people continue to take it over the longer term.  It depends on the nature of the condition.  Deep healing of chronic problems and building really good health takes time.

Q: How do I take the herbs?
A: For most conditions herbs need to be taken internally and are given in the form of liquid extracts, or teas, or tablets or capsules, or occasionally in a loose powder form (which is mixed with water or juice). Herbs for external use are creams or ointments, suppositories or pessaries, or sometimes a tea made up for use as a wash for a skin condition.