Detoxification - Why and How

and Your Detox Challenge for 2019!

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The shops will sell you all the food and presents you could imagine over the next week or so.  But this is a different sort of present: ideas for how to look after yourself after all the excitement of Christmas has died down.  And how to make the most of yourself in 2019.
There is always a lot of hype at this time of the year about detoxing.  By January it’s the buzz-word.  But detoxing is for life, not just for January.  It keeps us alive.  It’s a passive and an active process.

Detox – Why Bother?   

If you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, encounter chemicals in your job, take regular medication and/or a lot of supplements; if you live in a city; have digestive problems, or allergies, or are sensitive to perfumes, or if you are fatigued for no good reason you have particular reasons to detox actively.   And as we age, our natural detox pathways grow less efficient.

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What is Detoxing, Anyway?

Toxins enter our systems through the air, water, food and drink, medicines, creams and cosmetics and chemicals in our environments.  Our bodies also create toxins in the form of blood cells, immune cells, hormones and other body chemicals that need recycling by the liver.
Our bodies are naturally built to deal with the toxins taken in from the external environment and those created as part of the body’s normal functioning.  The main organs involved are the liver and bowel, kidneys and the skin.  When these organs get overloaded or sluggish, as many people’s are chronically, toxins not removed from the body are stored in fat cells, the brain, and elsewhere (depending on the toxin).

The Hows of Detoxing

Taking it on ourself to reduce our body’s toxic load, and making our own detox systems more efficient, are part and parcel of detoxing.  Nature is bountiful and there are many ways to lighten the load on our physical body.  But generally it helps to adopt a detox practice that we do with some regularity.  Removing or reducing the source of external toxins wherever possible is a sensible place to start.  Building up the body’s detoxing resources is the other part of the equation.   The smart approach is to adopt practices that ticks both these boxes!


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Prerequisites for Detoxing

As a general rule our detoxification systems are impeded by stress and work most effectively when we are relaxed.  Generally we detox better when our body temperature is warm to hot.  Again, ticking both these boxes at the same time is a smart move.
Most forms of exercise aid detoxification by increasing the blood flow through the body, so toxins can be dealt with by the liver and excreted more quickly.  Practices that increase body heat include detox baths, saunas and far infrared.

Detoxing with Far Infrared         

Far Infrared is a form of light energy.  Products which can deliver far infrared energy to our body come in different forms - backrests and mats of various shapes and sizes - to suit different needs and circumstances.  Regular use of one of these products recharges the circulation and increases metabolism while deeply relaxing the body and helping it detoxify.  What’s more, far infrared boosts the electrical system of the body, effectively neutralising the electromagnetic stresses we face from Wifi, smart phones, laptops and so on.


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Your Challenge for 2019!


Adopt 1-2 new lifestyle practices from January.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  If you get stuck or the demands of life take over and flummox your intentions, wait till the following month and then try a different activity. 


Declutter your cupboards of unnecessary chemicals such as air fresheners, bin fresheners etc
Give up sugar and processed foods for 1 week every month
Eat or drink naturally fermented foods daily or take a probiotic capsule
Reconsider unnecessary medicines and see if there are lifestyle alternatives
Consume vegetable juice on a regular basis
Go to bed 1 hour earlier during the week
Join a Pilates or yoga class and do some stretching at home
Go walking in the country or a large park once a week
Dust off the bike and get it serviced for a cycling weekend
Invest in a Far Infrared product - get in touch for more information

Smartest of all is to adopt practices that you enjoy and so are more likely to last. They'll give your life more balance, integrity and harmony at all levels.

Remember: a small change practised regularly builds up to a large change over time!


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Self-Discipline is Not Your Strong Point?

Then book with the Herbal Human for a Recharge and Refit Programme tailored to your needs

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