Listen to
your body's

Every moment of our lives our bodies are at work regulating our breathing, temperature and balance. 

Illness, while unfortunate, is but another form of communication that is taking place. 

When we take time to listen, the secret to becoming well again can be often heard from within.

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Knowledge of the Ages

Medical Herbalism and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) are both natural medicine approaches. They subtly tackle health problems, encouraging physiological change in the body without forcing it, and causing few side effects.

Attention is always given to diet and lifestyle.This approach maximises people’s health.Katharine specialises in treating people with digestive disorders, autism or hyperactivity, or with a special interest in detoxing

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  • Herbal Medicine
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

     Complimentary (no-fee) 1 hour consultation,
    by telephone or Skype for anyone:

  • with a digestive concern 
  • with autism or hyperactivity
  • with a special need for or interest in detoxing
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Personal Experience

"I began my natural healing path in GAPS two years ago and having the support of Katharine through this process has been essential to my healing.  Her knowledge and her holistic and human approach have helped me to understand my own body and digestive system in a way never imagined." Diana Shahzad

"During my first (no-fee) consultation with Katharine, I experienced her calm nature and immense support.  She is guided by a caring spirit and clearly informed by years of experience assisting people with gastro-intestinal disorders.  Her well-directed focus trouble-shoots and encourages."  C.B.

"I value coming to see you because blood tests show a dramatic improvement with no side effects; and because your advice makes sense and I feel it's safe." M. Slade

"When I refer people to Katharine I find that her scientific outlook through her degree studies in the science of herbal medicine and thorough, holistic approach results in considerable success in advising people with a wide range of conditions, particularly related to women." Janet Prower